IMPORTANT!! This is an archive of the work of Caroline Lucas, the Green MEP from 1999 to 2010.
The current Green MEP for the South East Region is Keith Taylor. Please visit his website to find out more or get in touch.

RSPCA Presents Lucas With ‘Michael Kay’ Award For Animal Welfare Work

27 June 2006 - The RSPCA has awarded Euro-MP Caroline Lucas The Michael Kay Award for her outstanding contribution to European animal welfare.

The UK ’s largest animal welfare group presented the South-East England MEP with her award during its AGM on Saturday, singling out her work trying to ban live exports, animal tests and the sale of cat and dog fur.

Dr Lucas, who is a vice-president of the RSPCA, as well as of the European Parliament’s cross-party animal welfare group, said: “I am delighted to receive this award, and hope I can use it to further my campaigning and parliamentary work to stamp out animal cruelty.

“If the EU is to become relevant to people’s everyday lives it must impose minimum standards in those areas, like animal welfare and protection, which matter most to voters across Europe.

“As long as I remain an MEP I will contribute to building just such an EU, a union which will further the cause of animal rights and welfare.”

Mike Tomlinson, who chaired the RSPCA’s AGM, presented the award to Caroline.

RSPCA Director General Jackie Ballard said: “Caroline has made defending animal rights and improving animal welfare central as her work as an MEP, ensuring that animal protection issues are high on the agenda.

“She has demanded legislation to halt the testing of thousands of chemicals on animals, proposing an entirely non-animal test strategy and a complete ban on live exports.

“She has campaigned to stop the import and sale of cat and dog fur, cruelty to and trading in stray dogs and on the implications of international trade for animal welfare.”

Previous winners include EU Commissioner Franz Fischler (2004) and German Green Party MP Renate Kuenast (2005).

Other award-winners named at the AGM included Dr Richard Rider and Ian Hepburn from The Sun.