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The Green Party

The Green Party is actually made up from three green parties in today's UK. There are: the Green Party of England and Wales, the Green Party in Northern Ireland and the Scottish Green Party. These three political parties were formed out of a party previously known as The Green Party (UK). Before that name the same party was called the Ecological Party and prior to that the People Party which dates back to 1973. The three different Green parties aren't often separated in media, neither in poll results, so even though there are three autonomous parties here, they are usually referred to as one.


The Green Party (-ies) is based on left/libertarian-wing ideologies with desires to limit big corporations' power in society. Some of the important matters often discussed are:

  • Public health insurance policy free for all citizens
  • Affordable, warm homes for all
  • Equality - the want "a society where no one is left behind"
  • How to stop climate change and protect the nature

In the EU referendum the Green Party was for a YES to stay in, noting that the EU is flawed but that we are better off staying in and bettering the European Union together. 

Who votes green?

It is not easy to pick out your typical Green voter, becuase this party attracts all kinds of people from all levels of society. However, quite a big number of the members is young people with a higher level of education; also many of the Green voters are not particularly religious. Some of the people voting for the Green Party today have a history in the Labour Party, so it is fair to say that, on many ideological points, the two are pretty close.

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